Nikon D4 reviews (new updates)

As I already mentioned earlier today, the Nikon D4 is now shipping and this is the first unboxing video. I am not sure why this D4 camera came with a Sony XQD card and a reader – this was probably a local special.

The user’s manual for Nikon D4 is now available on Nikon Europe support site (registration required). Update: here is the direct Nikon US link for the D4 manual.

This Nikon D4 in Australia also came with Sony XQD card and reader. The rumor is that the first batch of D4 shipments will all include Sony XQD card and a reader (and not only NPS orders).

The US delivery of D4 (and D800) cameras should all happen by the end of next week because Nikon will suspend all shipments from March 24- April 1st for their yearly inventory count (March 31 is the end of the fiscal year for Nikon). The Nikon WT-5A and BL-6 covers for the new batteryshould be in stock in the next 48 hours.

Amazon offered 5% discount for the Nikon D4 to selected Amazon Prime members.

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